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Mittwoch, 25. November 2015


After completing "The Chexbres Trilogy Remixed" for Magnetfisch in Summer 2013, Cat (aka CXXXVI) and i decided to start a new series, producing it 'ping pong style' again as with the tracks of 10284 Miles, that is, she sends me a vocal song i do the music to it, next i send her a music track and she does the vocals for it. Another thing we made up is that the lyrics would rather be strange and funny, crazy stories, silly lines... or simply put: wtf aka "what the f++k?" . And that's it. As for the rest: anything goes...

End of August 2013 Cat started with a song inspired by the children's picture book "There's a Wocket in my Pocket!" by Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel), hence the track title Zeuzz. For the music i tried to keep it raw with a strong rhythm, and using a 6/8 signature covered by a 4/4 beat so there's 'fake tempo changes' in it (check it at the 2:46 mark of the track). A friend on YT commented that the track reminded him of Leftfield...and this is no coincidence, as Leftfield's 'Double Flash' is one of my fav tracks and indeed i got inspiration from it for the sound of that heavy beat pattern. The video goes with the style of Seuss' book.

Next up is Aligel which can be said is one of our biggest hits on YT (together with Silicon from 10284 Miles). Here i provided Cat with a deep dubby tech house like track that inspired her for doing the perfect lyrics and instead of singing in her typical bluesy style she tried to do the singing half spoken word style, which fits the track perfectly and makes it a hallmark. For the video we did some shots together when Cat was visiting me in autumn 2013. The fab duo as black and a white ghosts in the forest, and as black and white angels too...

The third track follwed in February 2014. Cat did a cool song about someone that has had a brain transplant. She entitled the song Brian. The song is big fun and has a lot of crazy ideas and funny lines in it, it always makes me smile when i listen to it. For the music i got inspired by the progressive techno tracks of Underworld, with slowly adding more and more sounds and layers towards the end and keeping a certain haunted mood with the melodies and harmonies. I also used samples from my old tape where i had recorded sounds of the Roland MS 10 i had once (see monoton series) and added some effects that would fit the story and lyrics of Cat's song. The video goes with the story and the lyrics of the song as well - don't miss it, it's a nice crazy package :)
This track was a quite a success on the US-based small independent platform IACmusic.com (relaunched and renamed to IndieMusicPeople.com), when i uploaded it there it climbed up the 'Most Popular Songs Last 48 Hours' list till it reached the top on February 26th 2014.

It took a while until we were able to work on the fourth track. I had been working on a track for quite a while, when in winter 2014/2015 i tried to finish the work on it and use it as the next ping for our WTF series. As on 8th of January 2015 it was Elvis Presley's 80th birthday, this inspired Cat for the Lyrics to the track, it's called Grasslands. The track is rich in sound, melodies and harmonies, and Cat's vocals add the right bluesy touch to it.
Grasslands brought a lot of attention to the guys running the IACmusic internet radio station (now IndieMusicPeople.com), and it was featured not only on their official Electronic radio station, but also on their Blues radio station... as of now (November 2015), the track is still on the playlist of the Electronic station and it is still listed as second one on the Blues station ..."a selection of the top blues tracks on IAC" - what an honour! :)

We were both quite busy in Real Life so it took a while till we were both up for working on a new track, it was already summer 2015. It was up to Cat again to send me a song for track number five, called 063 - if these digits were on a calculator and you turn it upside down you would read 'ego'...but no, you can't calculate your life, sometimes your ego lies at you... The music here is a rather stripped down rhythm track, an electro industral cross over thing, with calculator sound samples and a synth line that might remind you a bit on Kraftwerk. As in Zeuzz there is some 'fake tempo change' in intro and breaks as i used a 12/8 signature that gets covered with a 4/4 beat. For the video Cat provided lots of cool shots of old calculators, and again there's some of our silly stop motion animations in it too, where we popped a lot of balloons. was great fun to work on this.

A long break followed. It was my turn to create the music for the next track but i suffered some kind of creative block. Finally in summer 2016, after i did 'Universum', i used the momentum to create the sound for a new FTW track. I used a 4/4 grid, but built it up with 6/4 patterns, this allowed a 'fake tempo switch' of the heavy bass drum after a slow paced intro, while keeping the synth patterns, bassline etc. Also i added a distorted howling lead synth melody for a hallmark (or kind of climax) part in the 'slow' and and again in the 'faster' section. I sent the music to Cat who added her unique vocal interpretation and great lyrics to tie it all together and give it the right dark and trippy WEB&CXXXVI twist: Only The Rich Get Colour. We tried to mirror this in the video too, using black and white scenes as well as very colorful scenes - just insert a coin and switch on the colours...

Dark, dank, eerie and strange. That is what makes this music so much fun to review. Very cool textures and sonic syllables. I like the way you put the understated vocals in rhythmic syncopation correlating with the masterful electronic suprises. Cool drums and a very interesting soundscape. This wreaks of all the cooler elements of house, trance and techno. Great Work! (Stoneman, IndieMusicPeople)
controlled chaos at it's absolute best....complex and layered percussion....great vocals, great lyrics.....a techno masterpiece......builds perfectly to a satisfying climax. (Richard Scotti, IndieMusicPeople)

...we didn't decide to end the project yet, so some day there will be a seventh track for sure... 

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1. Zeuzz...........................5:35
2. Aligel..........................7:15
3. Brian...........................4:30
4. Grasslands......................8:07
5. 063.............................6:03
6. Only The Rich Get Colour........8:23
7. ... 

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THE WEB - Five / Three - the series continues...

End 2013/beginning 2014 i did the two tracks Five and Three, then as my back troubles started again and needed another OP in March 2014 there was a long break where i didn't produce new tracks on my own (but two collab tracks, one with Cat - Jeff / STEREOSLUGS & THE WEB, and one With Richard aka DZ - Andromeda / THE WEB vs. DZ)

Finally, one morning in April 2015, it hit me again... I was out on my terrace having a coffee, it was still quite dark, but the birds had started to sing. On the rooftop, just above my head, sat a blackbird and did his morning singing. It was lovely, loud and clear. I decided to record some of it and use it for a new track, wrapping the lovely singing of the blackbird in a nice envelope of synth patterns to go with it. I decided to go on with the ideas put forward in the preceding Five and Three tracks: synth patterns that go with different metrics on the /8 grid and nice dubby synth pads or stabs. basic grid is 4/4, but here's a 3/16 line, combining with a 5/16 line (repeating 10/4) for the bass, a 16/8 line, a dubby pad that repeats 5/1, filtered effect lines that repeat 3/1 and 10/4, and 5/8 stabs repeating 5/1 ...was quite a challenge to set the changes (adding or subtracting an element) at the right points where things meet up...but in the end it all fit together forming a nice chilled tune at 131 bpm.

With blackbird i decided to continue the series that started with Five and Three, and let it grow to an E.P. or even an album.

The next one followed end of July 2015, when i had the spontaneous idea of doing something similar as with blackbird: using a sampled sound line to accompany with music. But this time it wasn't a bird singing. It was the sound of two 'Hilti' chipping hammers i had recorded in autumn 2014 when they insulated my terrace and had to chip off the old asphalt covering. This time i went with rather conventional patterns going to 4/4. Tied to go with a tribalistic powerful rhythm and adding some nice slightly funky synthlines that give it a deep but yet bright mood that fits summer parties :-) First i thought about "deconstruction" as track title but as it is rather a good mood track and, with it's lush funkyness, has some influence of detroit techno in it too, i finally called it D-construction.

One month later End of July 2015, i felt like doing something inspired by detroit techno again, something that would melt my style and the style of the preceding tracks of the series with the funkyness of good old detroit techno. And so, this track Winterthur-Detroit has connections to blackbird - there's a pitched down sample of a nightingale in it, to D-construction - slightly funky beat and same percussion element slightly tweaked, and the Five/Three concept - here it is the bassline that goes to Seven/16, and that dubby synth once again...

In the months to come, the creativity with making music faded... Whenever i had the time and sat on the computer playing around with sounds and beats, no ideas for a track really hit me, and i stared at the screen... So i decided to take a break. Then suddenly, it was already summer 2016, i got inspired when i was listening to the German audio book of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. There's this scene where the Guide describes the features of our universe and as i always found that was brilliant i thought hey let's try and use this for a spacey track. Just use a sound sample and go from there, like i did with the singing blackbird and the chipping hammers... I put the sample on an empty sheet and fitted the BPM to the tempo of the repeated synth sounds in the background of the spoken words. I cut out the word Universum, slowed it down an put a lot of effects on it to create some kind of backbone loop. Then i added beats, synth pads and patterns one by one, trying to give it some kind of 'lost in space' mood.

Again it took a long time until i was in the mood to work on a track. One day i was playing around with the sound sample of the blackbird singing just for fun, i remembered i saw a docu once about humpback whales and it was mentioned that if you would speed up their singing it would resemble singing birds. So i wondered if i slowed down the singing of the blackbird, would that resemble a singing whale? I found that when i slowed it and reversed it it sounded strange at least - dark and spooky. Quite cool. So i decided to use it for another track. I went with powerful beats and some percussive elements, a bassline and some dubby pads - the spooky background sample does the rest. I called it darkbird, and for the video i created some kind of dark version of the blackbird clip.

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