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Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2015

The Egrojj Remixes - DAST Net Recordings (2012/2013)

In October 2012 Stas Dauer from DAST Net Recordings asked me if i'd like to remix one or two tracks from Julian Vas aka Egrojj (or Flatch), an artist from Mexico City that would have his first release on DAST. I liked the tracks and felt it was an honour for me they let me put my hands on them. They were included in the release "Egrojj - The Untold Tales Remixes" (DAST069); Leslie Von Dees provided a cool remix for it too.
Dr. Griffin did a marvellous video to my Untold Tales remix (cut). The Second Virus remix still lacks a proper video...will find something some day to fix this ;-)

In November 2013 when i had more or less recovered from my back OP i found an email from Julian in my inbox. He said he was going to release a new EP on DAST and would like me to do a remix of one of the tracks. He sent me the three tracks he did to choose. I listened to them and it was clear i wanted to work with "Gambling". I wrote back that i did my choice and Julian said that was cool, but if it would be possible to also take my hands on "sick er", a track he together with another artist called Eduard Colin - he'd really love to hear a WEB remix of that one too. How could i say no.

For Gambling i wanted to stay as close to the original as possible but enhance it with dubby chords to add an extra taste to it so i rebuilt the original with the samples he provided me, slightly treated some of the sounds with fx and then added some deep chords and mid chords stabs which i built up with opening filters, and finally added a variated high squeezed and filtered line of them. I also edited a video clip with colour treated footage of the classic "Casino Royale" movie to upload the track on YT. For the sick er it was more difficult to find a proper way as the track is quite special, with its deep tricky bassline and dry bass drum. I decided to treat the bassline with filters to squeeze out a melody that i enhanced with the different sounds and effects along. There was a percussion line that i reduced to a glitchy rhythm pattern which slowly builds from a thin tick to thicker percussive scratches. Although i found it turned out a proper remix, i wasn't really sure if the result met the expectations of Julian, but he feedbacked me that it was just great and that Eudard loved it too. I sent the track to my friend Dr. Griffin and he provided a really cool crazy clip for the slightly cut track.


Montag, 26. Januar 2015

THE WEB - Five / Three - singles

In summer 2013 i had an emergency OP on my back, as a disc pressed on a whole bundle of nerves... i had suffered from pain in the lower back and down the legs for a long time and it got worse and worse, but none of the docs and physios i had seen suggested to have a closer look at my back and the nerves, and in the end i almost lost my bladder nerves...Phew...I went through a long time with two OPs, a rehab, a recovery, a relapse, another OP where they screwed my back together with titan, and another recovery until, finally, in autumn 2014 things got normal again ...apart from a few nerves in my foot that i probably lost forever. During all these months i could not sit for longer times and as i use to work on tracks in a flow, the whole day long till late night or early morning i couldn't really produce new music. I still managed to keep up my uploading of videoclips on YT though.

However, when things seemed good again at the end of 2013 i managed to work on a new track. I was experimenting with synth patterns going to the five on a 4/4 grid, hence the title of the track, "Five". Another element i was using is a dubby synth that i stumbled upon...i was always looking out for it but couldn't identify it in my instrument library till then. Beginning of 2014, inspired by "Five" i did another track, this time going to explore the "Three". I'm very pleased with the results, i see it as a further development in my music.

For the videoclips, i used five colour/fx styles on some footage i shot in Appenzell and on the mountain Hoher Kasten for "Five", and three different ways of using the same timelapse footage i shot around my home in Winterthur for "Three".

Click to listen and download "Five" on Soundcloud
Click to listen and download "Three" on Soundcloud

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