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Donnerstag, 10. Oktober 2013


Obey The Robots

After the Sinus Remix Cat (aka CXXXVI) had to rest her voice for a while in March 2013. Instead of writing and singing new CXXXVI Songs she worked on electronic experimental tracks. Under her other alias / project named STEREOSLUGS she did a concept EP about robots, using a variety of electronic sounds and robotic voice samples. The EP comes with a booklet with cool artwork and when she sent me a preview copy of it i enjoyed it a lot, loved the sounds and the voices so much that i asked her if i could use material from it for a track that - if she liked it - could be a bonus track on the EP. She liked the idea so i tried my best to create a track worthy for this cool EP.

For this i used four of the five "Robots" tracks she had done, cut them in several samples and saved them as loops so i could use all on the same tempo, arranged them in one track and added a stomping techno beat plus some synth and fx.

Of course there had to be a videoclip to the track that fits it and so i used industry robot footage, mirrored and treated with effects, and of course the cool robots that Cat had done for the booklet of the EP had to be in the clip too. Cat did an additional robot letter pic corresponding to the track as she had done with the other tracks on the EP and added it to the booklet. It's Marvin, the robot from Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy...

Click to listen "Obey The Robots" on Soundcloud
Click to download "STEREOSLUGS - Robots EP" for free (mediafire)


In autumn 2013 Cat came over from Australia and visited me in my hometown Winterthur, Switzerland. She had caught a cold and soon i had a runny nose and cough too, there was a little concert going on - that gave us the idea of doing a silly track together with noises like harrumph, cough, sneeze... We called it Throatcleaner, and as it's rather on the experimental side Cat is in under her alias STEREOSLUGS again.

So we sampled the noises - which was a lot of fun already - and arranged them to patterns. We chose a rather high bpm to let the drums have some good speed, i suggested to go with a hardtechno/breakbeat hybrid for the rhythm and added a catchy synth bassline to it. With these elements i arranged the track and put an fx line to it that i built from a cough/sneezing sample by reducing it's tempo more than 90percent so that it 'falls apart' in glitches. You can hear it from the start of the track.

We put a lot of effort in the videoclip here to visualize the track - it's about the World Coughing Championships and it shows how to clean your throat properly, so don't miss it :-)

Click to listen and download "Throatcleaner" on Soundcloud

Trolls From Hell (Dinosaws You In Half feat. THE WEB)

In december 2013, Cat finished a new series of experimental tracks about trolls that she released under yet another alias, Dinosaws You In Half - what an artist name lol. The EP she did is called "I Troll You So" and can be downloaded for free. As with the Robots EP i thought it would be cool to do a collab track using sounds of tracks from the EP. So i did a mash up of two of the tracks on the EP, called 'Demon Trolls' and 'For Those Who Cross The Trolls (Creepy Kid Vocals)' - the girls voice here is soo cool :-) - and some cuts from two other. From the sounds and issue it was clear from the start that it would be a banging dark hardtechno track ...and it was quite logical to entitle it "Trolls From Hell". When it was finished, Cat added it to her EP as a bonutz and i uploaded it on YT with a video using Resident Evil 4 footage that has some big evil trolls in it. And there is no happy end...

Click to listen "Trolls From Hell" on Soundcloud
Click to download "Dinosaws You In Half - I Troll You So EP" for free (mediafire)


In autumn 2014, Cat sent me a videoclip she had edited from the 1950 original movie "Control Your Emotions"; she found it funny how psychiatrists back then dealt with emotions and personality. As usual she had created a cool soundtrack to it, with samples from the movie and added sounds from FL studio. I got hooked instantly and thought that might be really cool to pimp with some heavy techno rave beats - everything else was there - at 185 bpm - and it wouldn't be necessary to change anything to make it a cool fast hardtechno track. I only added some sounds from Hilti jackhammers that i had sampled as they were renovating my terrace just a few weeks ago. That was it! I used the original clip with the pimped soundtrack to upload on my YT-channel - a perfect fit :-)

Later my friend thadbb from Frankfurt came by and liked the track so much he asked me to do a remix of it - yeah of course! turned out a perfect sick thadbb hardcore remix as expected: Krankfurt rules!!

Click to listen and download "JEFF" on Soundcloud




Mittwoch, 9. Oktober 2013

Remixes 2013 - Miss Kiss, Yoshiyuki Ota, Ultrahigh

Miss Kiss - Sinus (THE WEB & CXXXVI Remix)

In February 2013 Leslie Von Dees told me he joined two of his friends to run a new recordlabel, a netlabel called CroRoom Recordings, based in Hungary. He sent me the Soundcloud link for two tracks from a young Hungarian artist named Miss Kiss, and asked if i could do a remix together with Cat (aka CXXXVI) on one, and maybe a solo remix on the other track. I suggested that "Sinus" would be the track i do with Cat. This track got a quite unusual if not to say weird bassline going through and i knew this going to be a challenge to do a proper remix of it.
It took a while until he could send me the sound material. Beginning of March 2013 i started the work. Unlike other times i didn't put lots of new or different drums to it but instead used her drum sounds and rearranged them to a breakbeat that is typical for electro tracks. I put more emphasis on added synth lines, as my intention was to go with this hallmark bassline, leave it unchanged (only with a slight effect on it), and put it into a new context, so that it would form new harmonies with the added synths/chords/guitarsounds. This way i wanted to provide a solid ground for Cat's vocals. As usual she did a great job on the lyrics for the track. My guess was that the title Sinus referred to the sinus curve, but Cat sticked to the other meaning of sinus, the anatomical one, and created a song about being allergic to this world, and thus having sinus congestion and difficulties to breathe. And so we did a video to it that matched the issue.
When we had sent the track to Leslie he wrote us back that Miss Kiss and also his colleagues at CroRoom recordings were quite confused with our remix, as they were not familiar with live sung vocals. In the usual deep house tracks the vocals are samples that are played like a synth, where as Cat does a rather free interpretation in her live singing to the track, inspired by blues, sometimes going off beat, stretching words etc. If you have listened to our tracks you will know what i mean. Leslie is a real musician (he had played the trumpet for quite some time) and appreciates and loves our work, including this remix, but the decision on whether the remix would be accepted for Miss Kiss' release was on her in the first place. Well, no matter, we put the music clip on my Youtube channel and got good feedback for it. Check it out below and if you like you can download it using the link.

Click to download "Miss Kiss - Sinus (THE WEB & CXXXVI Remix) VIDEO"
(mp4, H.264 - 720p HD, 320kbps, 257 MB) (mediafire)

Yoshiyuki Ota - Feel The Sun (THE WEB Remix)

Since beginning of 2013 Yoshiyuki Ota had a real boost in producing tracks, he got involved with different net labels (CroRoom, Ambber, Mystic Carousel, Emerald & Doreen). Late March 2013 he asked me if i would do a remix of the title track for his new release "Feel The Sun" on the German label Emerald & Doreen Recordings. I had listened to the original and didn't hesitate a second to say yes of course - the track was perfect for doing a WEB remix on it, i could expand it adding my drumwork while keeping the original sound and mood. Yoshi was very happy with the result too and so the remix was included in the release. The release was featured on itunes Japan in the House genre.
Of course i also wanted to do a nice videoclip for my remix. Watch, listen and Feel The Sun!

Click for listen/preview "Yoshiyuki Ota - Feel The Sun EP (EDR013)" on Emerald & Doreen Recordings

Ultrahigh - In My Heart (THE WEB Remix)

Ultrahigh are Cem Oral - better known as Jammin' Unit (or together with Dr.Walker as Air Liquide) and Roger Cobernuss - known as Kerosene. In the early 90ies, the golden age of Techno, they were well known in Germany and beyond. Their 1994 Ultrahigh album "The view of Ultrahigh" was and still is one of my fav album. For my YouTube channel i wanted to use a track from Jammin' Unit (called "Superflyer") for a videoclip and asked Cem for permission. He replied to my email and said he would be glad if i uploaded the track with a nice clip. Later i also used some Ultrahigh tracks that i love ("Killerbees Of Guatemala", "Cemetry Bells") and got into contact with Roger as well. I then also did videoclips for their older band project "Zulutronic" as they re-released a "best of" in 2012 and for artists on Roger's label Athletikk Berlin (Minimal Widget, Lars Sommerfeld).

When i had uploaded a nice videoclip to Ultrahigh's ambient experimental track "In My Heart" (the starter of the "View Of..." album), using footage that i filmed out of the Tower Eye in Sydney during my holidays 2012, my friend TruthseekerUK commented on the clip that this would be a nice track to do a Drum'n'Bass remix of. I thought he was right and that it was a good idea. Next day i saw that Roger had answered the comments and said "a remix would be great - but i am afraid that the files are no more available". I had done remixes of tracks using the whole track before so i said i will try and see if it worked out. It did. And when i sent the final remix to Cem and Roger they said it was great and could be on a release together with the original. I just thought wow that would be so cool. Roger said he'd ask some guys for another remix on it and then release it, but he was quite busy at that time so they decided to go with my remix only. That was another wow! It doesn't mean i will make money with it but it's such a great honour and appreciation of my work. Awesome :-)

Of course i did my best on the videoclip for the remix. As with the original i chose footage from Sydney and treated it with effects so it's in 'Ultrahigh colour'. You can watch and listen below.

Dienstag, 17. September 2013

THE WEB & CXXXVI - The Bunny Project (2013)

After the 10284 Miles project and a number of single tracks and remixes (DAST Net Recordings, Cyrus Sink, Magnetfisch...) Cat (aka CXXXVI) and i wanted to do start a new series of tracks. When we did remixes Cat always had to work on her vocals / do a song to a given track, and write the lyrics to a given track title. For a change, we decided that for this whole new series Cat will take the lead, write her lyrics and sing her song and then send it to me for the music that would fit it; that way it was me who had to react and adapt. And we already had a title for the series - it will be called "The Bunny Project", and we said it shall be a concept album or EP in that the tracks will center around the same set of issues. That was the framework in which Cat wrote the lyrics/songs. The main issue turned out to be genetic engineering - the opportunities but also dangers and fears linked to it... As concerns the music we wanted to explore the contrast between Cat's voice and hard heavy industrial like techno, and in this i also wanted to try unusual rhythms and go beyond 4/4 techno or breakbeat - if hat would fit Cat's song too.

The starter in October 2012, entitled "Giant Bunny", already was an example of this - i went with a 12/8 but built it on a 4/4 grid of 116 bpm (so the bpm you go with is actually less), for a very slow and heavy beat, like it is used in some alternative / industrial tracks too. I added a dirty bass synth and guitar based synth line and some synth/fx for a dark and heavy mood that gives solid ground to Cat's nightmarish song. For those who know it's obvious when they listen the song - Richard Kelly's independent cult movie "Donnie Darko" (2001) was the inspiration to it.

With "Created In The Laboratory", a song about creating a - said - better human race, i went one step further with my rhythm experiment, actually for me, this was at the extremes so far - i chose a 7/4 frame and tried to build a rather conventional techno track on it, but with one beat missing - without the listener missing something in the pattern. So i ended up in a 2x2+3 pattern and built all the sounds around it. Cat had sung her song on a conventional straight rhythm so it went to the 8, and this was the real challenge then - to shift and rearrange the rhythm of the lyrics / singing that it would fit in this 7/4 grid. At times the song was dense and no way to press the 8-line into a 7-grid so i stretched it in a way it met the 7/4 pattern at important points. The result is quite astonishing, the song has a unique flow although it is a clumsy 7/4, and, together with the really cool lyrics, it may be this that made the song highly recognized at IACmusic (now Indiemusicpeople) - in Sept 2013 it was in the top ten songs of the electronic genre on IAC, and number 1 in the new song charts (last 6 months) for the electronic genre :)

In the third track you wake up and realize you swapped bodies with your pet mouse. but hey that's great, being human is overrated anyway, and you know that mice rule the earth. What a crazy idea - Cat's song fits perfectly into this series. The song not only makes reference to a) Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy but also to b) Monty Pythons 'mouse organ', which made me laugh really hard when Cat sent me the vocals and lyrics. I tried to do a track to it that keeps the rather funny crazy mood of the song, and went with distorted breakbeat, a high bass guitar line that lags behind, and some beeps and scratches sound fx.

Finally "Have To Evolve" takes a look into the future of the human race - to catch up with all our technical means we gotta mutate to get stronger faster better... Of course this is meant ironically - Cat has really nailed this one :-) However, we think one thing is for sure: if we go on like this, being slaves to our technical means  - and to our economy that follows it - we'll deffo destroy this planet... For the music i combined 4/4 and 12/8 rhythm patterns in this one, this way i also could give it some 'fake tempo changes' which i like so much and which i thought fit the song perfectly - the rhythm you are sticked to during the intro and the break/restart around 4:00 kind of mutates when the main rhythm comes in.

As we'll probably destroy our planet someone's gotta save it - Cat did a short track with some electronic voices in it, just for fun, and sent it to me with a short video clip. "Supa Rotscha saves the earth"... but it's the wrong one, the bad one. I found this was so cool so i wanted to do a track with it. I asked Cat if that would be OK and if we could include it as a bonus track to our Bunny Project, at the end, because i thought this would fit in the series quite well. She really liked the idea so i used the short bit she sent me as a sample and built a proper track around it. I followed the high tempo of the original sounds and chose an oldschool hardtechno basis for the track.
I sent the sound samples to thadbb, a funny guy from Frankfurt i know from YouTube who does crazy hardtechno stuff, and unofficial hardtechno remixes of different techno tracks (some of them real classics like Universal Nation's "Push") and he did a remix, or rather a second version of the track with the material, as he hadn't heard my final track yet when he did his. You can listen the result here: "THADBB & THE WEB - Supa Rotsha reloaded"

The Bunny Project is conceived as a music videoclip series. You can watch all the clips below, or directly on YouTube or Vimeo.
The audio was released on DAST Net Recordings in February 2013 (DAST072). You can download it for free as mp3 but also in full glory (wav) or some other formats. Click links below.

The Bunny Project EP (DAST072)
1. Giant Bunny.................5:35
2. Created In The Laboratory...7:15
3. S.Q.U.E.A.K ................4:30
4. Have To Evolve..............8:07
5. Supa Rotsha saves the earth.6:03
DAST Net Recordings 2013

Click to download The Bunny Project EP (mp3 320kbps)
Click to download The Bunny Project EP in wav / other formats


Sonntag, 15. September 2013

Magnetfisch - The Chexbres Trilogy Remixed (2012/13)

I had started this blogpage with the post on my NASA Remix of Magnetfisch's Raumstift. Next up, you could see in my Trains series that three of the tracks were actually reworks of Magnetfisch tracks. Timo, the co-founder of Magnetfisch who does the synths and programming, had given me the track layers of some of their old tunes to work with. As he was very pleased with my Raumstift-Remix and also the first Trains reworks in June/July 2011 (Magnetbahn, Grande Vitesse) he provided me with all the material of their new EP "The Chexbres Trilogy" that had been released at the same time (July 2011), in case i'd like to do some more reworks or remixes of tracks.

Timo trusts me, as for one thing he respects my skillz with beats, sound and mood, and for the other thing we both share a love to the sound of the 80ies with Bands like Cure, Simple Minds, but also such as Killing Joke and, above all for me, Cranes - i never thought i get to know someone who knows and also loves Cranes :-) I had put the files aside as after the Trains series i concentrated on the 10284 Miles project with Cat aka CXXXVI. During this work i had the idea of doing remixes of the Chexbres Trilogy tracks together with Cat - i'd do a WEB-remix of the track and she adds her vocals, with lyrics that fit the already given title. I could imagine this combination would sound very good. However, it was not easy to suggest this to Timo, as they not long ago had split up with their singer because it didn't work out anymore and he was kind of fed up with vocals then, going back to the instrumental, like in the good old days. But hey we're pro so i talked to Cat and asked Timo if we could give it a try, if he doesn't like the result we'd stop it. After a short while he said yes, yes of course, because he liked the tracks that we did in our 10284 Miles project and... see above. I said to him OK, my plan is we remix the whole EP, all four tracks if that suits you. Deal!

In February 2012 we started the remix project with "Le royaume de Chexbres" (French, = the kingdom of Chexbres). I liked the straight fast rhythm quite uprising part in the track, so i started the work for the remix with this part, and also used a stripped down version of it for the intro. I built the other parts from there then.
In this as in all the other remixes i used all the track layers of the original, almost every single tone from the original is in the remix too, but with more or less effects on it. I often stretched the arrangement of the track or repeated some parts of it. As for the instruments, it's usually the rhythm section that i start with (together with a carrying element in melody/groove of the track). Theres drums, synths and effects that i added to the Magnetfisch sounds. When finished i sent the track to Cat and she did her part on it - writing lyrics and singing them along the track her way, which usually surprises me when i first hear the vocals on the track - she manages to give the track a new twist i had never thought about.
In "Le royaume de Chexbres" the lyrics center around wine and vineyards - Chexbres, together with other villages of that region on Lac Leman, Switzerland is well known for viniculture. In the second track "Contre la crise" (March 2012) music is the best means against the crisis - put on your headphones, turn up the volume to 1000 decibels and block out everything. The track is quite fast tempo so i chose a dirty breakbeat to keep up with it, and made sure the whole thing sounded a) good mood and b) a bit punky too.

There was always a break after the remixes we did for this EP remix project, no one had set us a deadline. In between we were always working on other projects, tracks, collabs. And we did more than the tracks on the original EP - the first bonus track was the third remix we did in this project, called "Fruchtkönig V1" the original is one of the early tunes from Magnetfisch, it's on the EP "The Early Years 1998-2000". Really love that track, especially the guitar on it, so i asked Timo if he could provide me the track layers to that one too. He did, and so did we, the remix was done in June 2012. Cat picked the words wisely - the lyrics are about the forbidden fruits, the power of knowlege. Fruchtkönig is a German word play, = 'fruit king', instead of Froschkönig, the famous fairy tale about the 'frog king' which is known as Frog Prince in English.
In July 2012 we finished the third track of the original EP, "Scheebr Garten", the secret garden where you can grow without fear of being trampled on, as Cat puts it. I tried to make the track sound a little dirty but with lovely mood - found the high synth line goes perfect together with Cats voice and I treated Paddy's guitar with more fx in the heights to get a better connection to that high synth.

After that was a longer break until we did "Slurmz" (November 2012), the fourth track from the EP, but not the last for the remix project, as i had another one in mind that i wanted to do as a second bonus track. As usual i went with the original beat frame, extending it to a nice breakbeat with some kind of a disco feeling to it, and added some funky synths. A party in space. Cat joined this with her lyrics again. And how she had sung her refrain changed the sound character of that part in a bluesy way that was just perfect. you would never guess if you heard the instrumental only track. Timo had heard it, and he really loved this tweak too.
Finally in May 2013 we could finish the remix EP with the second bonus track "Rolizel", again from the Early Years EP. This 12/8 beat pleasant to listen remix became quite a success on IACmusic (now Indiemusicpeople). atmospheric and strange, with offbeatness in the vocal line, weird overlapping chords, and police sirens coming in and out... a good ending of a quite cool remix EP! ;-)

The Remix EP has been released by Magnetfisch 25.9.2013 on bandcamp, follow the link below! On 23.1.2014 it was also released on itunes, junodownload and lots of stores all around the net.

The tracks also play on Magnetfisch's pages on the internet, like the one on US based IACmusic (now Indiemusicpeole) or on CH based mx3. Of course they are all on my soundcloud page too, that's to where i put the links below.

It's recommended to enjoy the tracks with their proper videoclips anyway, and they are all on YouTube and Vimeo - i embedded them all below so have a look and listen!

Click title below to listen to the track on Soundcloud

Magnetfisch - The Chexbres Trilogy Remixed

1. Le royaume de Chexbres (Remix).....7:45
2. Contre la crise (Remix)............5:16
3. Scheebr Garten (Remix) ............6:38
4. Slurmz (Remix).....................7:01
5. Fruchtkönig V1 (Remix).............5:28
6. Rolizel (Remix)....................7:06
2012/13, Magnetfisch

Get The Chexbres Trilogy Remixed...
...on Magnetfisch@bandcamp
...on beatport
...on junodownload


Dienstag, 10. September 2013

X-mas and New Year collabs - Yoshiyuki Ota and Leslie Von Dees

Yoshiyuki Ota is my Japanese brother, a very good friend i got to know on YouTube in 2011. He is a producer of electronic tracks too, deep house/techno, always with lovely arrangements and a nice unique atmosphere. I love his tracks and followed from the first one i heard on YT (and then on Soundcloud too). Together with Yoshi, Cat and I did "1216-10284", the big final track on our 10284 Miles album. Yoshi and i reworked his track "1216" and Cat added her tasty vocals to it.

Yoshi is also a good friend of Leslie Von Dees, and the three of us had plans for late 2012 to meet at Leslie's home in Budapest, Hungary, when he was back from West Hollywood where he lived the years before. Yoshi would come to Switzerland and then we both go to Budapest to meet Leslie and have a few great days together. It didn't work out for autumn but for the end of the year we fixed it. The meeting of the dinosaurs - Stas from DAST called us three 'dinosaurs' in a mail once, as we were not the youngest anymore, and were all doing 'massive tracks' :)

When Yoshi stayed with me in Winterthur for a few days around X-mas 2012, we also did a collab track - Yoshi had his laptop with him and worked on a track before that we could use as the basis. He finished what he had started for his part and i added some more beats and syntch/chord stuff to his track layers and mixed down the lot. We both think this track is complete, we are very happy with it. Yoshi hat set the working title Winterthur and we decided to add his hometown to the title of the final track, "Taketoyo-Winterthur". On 25th of December we went for a walk, it was an unusually warm day and i filmed some footage of the clip that i edited and uploaded on YT right after.

On Dec. 28th we took a plane to Budapest where Leslie waited for us at the airport. Yoshi and I could stay at his home, and we all had a great time with Leslie and his wife - and his doggie, who always growled at Yoshi. During our stay Yoshi and Leslie started our trio-collab track - of course we had to do one! - and i added my stuff when i was back at my desktop computer at home. We really put a lot of stuff into that track, it's a real journey to listen to - and so i thought "Around The World" would be an appropriate title. The working title was TWB, adding Budapest to Taketoyo and Winterthur. For the video i used footage of our three hometowns, Yoshi provided me with material and in Budapest and Winterthur i got it with my cam.

We also decided that these two tracks should go to DAST, and that we were asking people do to a remix and pick the best for the release. Phew it was hard to find anybody who dared to put his hands on our tracks - no one wanted to remix Taketoyo-Winterthur. It's too perfect lol
To my knowledge, they were never released...

Back to Winterthur i wanted to show Yoshi something in my music program, it was about arpeggios, and when i had done a few tracklayers i thought OK lets go on with this bit and do a proper track. For the memory of my stay in Budapest - i had samples of our voices, Yoshi speaking Japanese, Leslie Hungarian and me my Swiss dialect, that i wanted to use too. Guess what track title - yes: "Budapest"
Yoshi also did one, he called it "The Sky Of Budapest" (unfortunately, he removed it from his Soundcloud)

Click on titles to listen/download on Soundcloud:
Yoshiyuki Ota & THE WEB

Yoshiyuki Ota & THE WEB & Leslie Von Dees

Around The World......................11:49

THE WEB - Budapest.....................5:27



Tracks on DAST Net Recordings

As outlined in the post about my a/v collabs with Dr.Griffin those remixes i did for him were from artists of the nice German based netlabel DAST Net Recordings. Stas Dauer and Benjamin Strehm (Strehm, Funke7) are the founders of DAST; the label features artists from Germany, Russia, Greece, Mexico, UK, and Italy, and has good connections to other netlabels, it's also spreading out to russia, through techno-locator who features DAST Net releases. 
update 2018: The label had almost 100 releases but is now defunct...

Days Of Orange Sunshine

After the Remixes of TAC.tiC's "The Luigi Pop TV" and Strehm's "Darkwhite" Stas contacted me on YouTube and asked if i would like to remix one or two tracks of the new release by Ben, Funke7 - Days Of Orange Sunshine, and send me the demoversions. I liked what i could hear - very well produced tasty minimal techno tracks - and for the title track i had the idea of taking Cat (CXXXVI) on board so i asked back if it would be OK if one of my remixes was a THE WEB & CXXXVI Remix, with vocals in it (and lyrics that fit the title). I knew that live vocals was not common at all in minimal techno - if vox are in, it's timed samples, used as fx like a keyboard, and i was quite surprised as Stas answered that this was of course OK. So Cat and I did the "Days Of Orange Sunshine" Remix that we included in our 10284 Miles project - very cool that Ben (Funke7) agreed on this as it's still his track. The second track i chose for doing a remix was "Von und Zu" - i gave it a powerful, quite dirty and also a bit spooky treatment. The two remixes are of course included in the release of the EP (DAST027) in January 2012. The cover art is a pic from our Orange Sunshine Remix video clip.


Over This

In April 2012 we had another opportunity to do some WEB & CXXXVI remixes - for the new release of Koolkilla & Strehm on DAST. This time i picked "Pegasus Race" and "Little Girl Together We Are Strong" for the remixes with Cat. As the originals sound quite special and minimal is a rather hard style for me (you know in my tracks i always tend to the max, rich and boombastic stuff...) this was quite a challenge. Not only for me but for Cat too, as in "Little Girl" there was not many melodies to stick to for her vox. However, i am very happy with the result of those two remixes, we both gave our best, the tracks follow the original closely but are also typically WEB & CXXXVI :-) I also did a solo remix again, on the track "Over This". As i had sent the final tracks to Stas he sent me the link to preview the release - and this gave me a big smile: They included us in the whole work as they entitled the release "Koolkilla & Strehm vs THE WEB & CXXXVI - Over This EP", and they had chosen a stills pic from our Pegasus Race Remix video for the cover art :-)) The EP was released as DAST035 in May 2012.



With their 50iest release, DAST planned to do a huge compilation to show the variety of their artists and their tracks on it; when it was finished they called the release "Various Artists - Experiment #50 (The Jubilee Compilation)". Cat and I were invited to provide one or two tracks too, however when we received the request there was not much time left and we were not sure if we could do two tracks or only one, but we wanted provide at least one. In the end we managed to do two tracks for this anniversary release. I tried to keep it raw and simple but with a proper sound, and Cat reacted instantly and provided the perfect song to them. "Common Sense" is stripped down minimalistic techno with a deep sound and mood, whereas "The Sky Isn't Really Blue" is a rather dirty, raw and punky sounding pounding techno with distorted bassline and chords. When my friend Leslie Von Dees heard "Common Sense" he asked me if it was possible he did a remix of it. The release was already scheduled but Stas at DAST Net Recordings waited for another few days to include LVD's Remix of Common Sense in the release too - what a cool guy!! Leslie did a beautiful atmospheric remix, it's emixwork at its best, keeping the spirit of our darker original.

click to download "THE WEB & CXXXVI - Common Sense"
click to download "THE WEB & CXXXVI - The Sky Really Isn't Blue"
click to download "THE WEB & CXXXVI - Common Sense (Leslie Von Dees Remix)"
(you can listen to the tracks with the video below)
click to download V/A - Experiment #50 (The Jubilee compilation)
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White Trails

In February 2013 Ben Strehm asked me for a remix of tracks from his release "Serial Disco Rocker" on Deep-X Recordings. I picked "White Trails", and this time i tried hard to stay minimal. Dunno if the thingy ever will be released on Deep-X or wherever. It's way good enough to be included in my collection here though

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