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Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011

Magnetfisch - Raumstift (The Web NASA Remix)

"Raumstift" is one of my favourite Magnetfisch-Tracks. Their 2003 Album *Silence Fiction" is an instrumental electronic music highlight - especially if you were a teenager in the 80ies, wearing dark clothes and listening to wave, alternative, synthpop, and maybe a bit of ebm/industrial ;-)

As we found out in numerous talks - or beers - knocking off work, Timo Barrelet, co-founder of Magnetfisch (keyboards/programming), and I are on the same wavelenght when it comes to favourite bands of the past. Only had I walked on pure electric grounds since the end of the 80ies. So as a surprise-present for Timo, I decided to do a technoid Remix of "Raumstift". Right when I started working on the track it became clear - if not to say obvious - that some of NASA's audio bits had to be on board too. And that was it - a NASA Remix.

I finished work on the Remix in November 2010 and after that found it would be nice to have some visuals for the track too. So here's my NASA Remix Video (January 2011 / 720p Version July 2011)