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Sonntag, 14. Juli 2013

...UPDATES 2012/13 coming...

uff it has been a long long time since i updated my blog, i was so busy since the 10284 Miles album had been completed...
there was a large number of collab tracks and remixes i have done solo and together with CXXXVI:
- remix of a whole EP by Magnetfisch, Switzerland - The Chexbres Trilogy Remixed
- remixes of tracks from DAST Net Recordings
- two THE WEB & CXXXVI tracks for the DAST Net release Number 50, and a whole EP, called The Bunny Project EP, both released on DAST Net Recordings
- collab tracks with Leslie Von Dees from Hungary
- remixes/collab tracks with the singer/songwriter Cyrus Sink from Boston USA
and other remixes/collabs with friends on Youtube

...and i did a lot of "lost and found" music videoclips for my Youtube channel, where you can find all the above mentioned stuff too, of course (check out the playlists there...)

in the coming months till the end of this year i will do several new posts here about all those works and tell you how what when why - just like i did with the past ones

also there will be permament links for the Albums and EPs so i don't have to reup them again and again - and forget about it everytime ;-)

cheers and hope to see you later some time