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Montag, 26. Januar 2015

THE WEB - Five / Three - singles

In summer 2013 i had an emergency OP on my back, as a disc pressed on a whole bundle of nerves... i had suffered from pain in the lower back and down the legs for a long time and it got worse and worse, but none of the docs and physios i had seen suggested to have a closer look at my back and the nerves, and in the end i almost lost my bladder nerves...Phew...I went through a long time with two OPs, a rehab, a recovery, a relapse, another OP where they screwed my back together with titan, and another recovery until, finally, in autumn 2014 things got normal again ...apart from a few nerves in my foot that i probably lost forever. During all these months i could not sit for longer times and as i use to work on tracks in a flow, the whole day long till late night or early morning i couldn't really produce new music. I still managed to keep up my uploading of videoclips on YT though.

However, when things seemed good again at the end of 2013 i managed to work on a new track. I was experimenting with synth patterns going to the five on a 4/4 grid, hence the title of the track, "Five". Another element i was using is a dubby synth that i stumbled upon...i was always looking out for it but couldn't identify it in my instrument library till then. Beginning of 2014, inspired by "Five" i did another track, this time going to explore the "Three". I'm very pleased with the results, i see it as a further development in my music.

For the videoclips, i used five colour/fx styles on some footage i shot in Appenzell and on the mountain Hoher Kasten for "Five", and three different ways of using the same timelapse footage i shot around my home in Winterthur for "Three".

Click to listen and download "Five" on Soundcloud
Click to listen and download "Three" on Soundcloud

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