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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

THE WEB & CXXXVI - 10284 Miles (2012)

The second project I started in 2011 after Trains grew out of the collab tracks with my friend Cat aka CXXXVI from Sydney, Australia - Water Train and Train Of Thoughts. The Project is called 10284 Miles. This is the distance between me in Winterthur , Switzerland, and Cat in Sydney. We completed it with the final Clip on February 1st, 2012.

Not long after i started my channel on YouTube (early 2011) i came about Catherines channel  and got sticked to it since then (her user name was "Rutle" at that time; unfortunately she deleted her channel a few years later). She writes songs about strange themes - mostly blues or alternative - and does videos to them, and this stuff is so fresh, cool, strange, beautiful and funny all at the same time. And I really love her voice and her lyrics (at the moment, she is Posh Pelican on SC) So i asked her if i could use samples from one of her songs (YoYo) for a Trains track and she liked the idea from the start. This was Water Train and i liked it so much i wanted to do a track where Cat would write and perform the vocals to, and we did Train Of Thoughts. The two tracks amazed us both and it was real fun to work together. So we decided we do more tracks like Train Of Thoughts. it was planned to be an EP first, now it's an album.


Remarkable thing is that there is not much planning of the tracks. The key is sound, mood and emotions of the music - the mp3 audio files and the lyrics are the principal means of our communication. The concept of the album is as follows:

"We are 10284 Miles apart and yet we are one. Exploring different electronic music styles and filling in the emotions of blues, alternative and wave, we enjoy a new experience of our music. We are glad to share it with you."

The tracks are done ping pong style: I create an untitled instrumental track and send it to Cat (ping). She does the lyrics and the vocals and sends the vocal only track and the track title back (pong), and i do the track mix. For the next track the service changes, so Cat sends me a vocal only song as the ping, and i do the music aka pong to it and the track mix. Next it's my service again, so.... etc.

THE WEB & CXXXVI - 10284 Miles (2012)

CXXXVI      THE WEB    Track
ping1  -->  pong1      Blurry Reflection (Radio Edit)
pong2  <--  ping2      The Future Is On My Mind
ping3  -->  pong3      Tiny Dot
pong4  <--  ping4      Three Strikes
ping5  -->  pong5      Date With The Devil
pong6  <--  ping6      Silicon
ping7  -->  pong7      Core
pong8  <--  ping8      The Faceless Men
ping9  -->  pong9      The Invention
pong10 <--  ping10     Funke7 - Days Of Orange Sunshine (THE WEB & CXXXVI Remix)
ping11 -->  pong11     L.I.F.E
pong12 <--  ping12     1216-10284, with Yoshiyuki Ota    

10284 Miles VIDEOCLIPS

The 10284 Miles is not only music!  Every track comes with its track video, and since we both love doing videos this became a very important part of our project. We don't need no detailed planning either, the issue is set by the lyrics, sound and mood of the track. We both produce video scenes that we think fit the track. Cat sends me her stuff and i do the editing of the whole thing. i usually do some fx scenes, titles and stuff, and sometimes additional scenes that fit the ones Cat sent me - she's the creative leader here :-)