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Sonntag, 1. Februar 2015

YT Collabs 2014: DZ and Cyrus Sink

THE WEB vs DZ - Andromeda

End of January 2014 one of my friends on YouTube, Richard from the Netherlands (aka DZ), had uploaded a clip with a new track and asked in the comments if anyone was up for a collab. As i always liked his synth work and thought it would be cool to do a collab with him i sent him a message. He then sent me back a few samples of cool synth lines that he had whipped up for me to work with - "a sort of lofi synthwork which misses the drums and effects and something to glue it all together".
I chopped them and put them on an empty sheet to play around with them and was waiting for a good idea... I was kind of stuck as the layers already had lots of character. I added a few sounds and was looking for some basic drum patterns that could fit it, but still had no idea how to glue it together, so i just left it for a while...a very long while... Then, it was beginning of May 2014, i was watching "Andromeda" -  the 1971 sci-fi movie, directed by Robert Wise, of Michael Crichton's novel "The Andromeda Strain" - it hit me: this was the thing i was looking for, the glue for the collab track. I ripped a few voice samples from the movie and started to work with the patterns i already prepared, added a lot of stuff and arranged it to a fat big long tune. I was in a real flow and stuffed it to the max.
For the video it was clear that i had to use footage from the movie...i treated it with some special imboss and colour effects to give it an artsy minimalistic touch that contrasts the rich track.

click to listen and download "THE WEB vs DZ - Andromeda" on Soundcloud


Cyrus Sink feat. THE WEB & CXXXVI - 11th Hour

Also in January 2014, my friend Cyrus Sink sent me the soundmaterial of his original track called "11th Hour" for another trio collab with Cat. As with our predecing collabs in 2012/2013 the idea was i do a remix of the music and Cat adds a female vocal on it. The style of the track is Hip Hop, with very cool spoken word like male vocals of Cyrus. As i'm not used to this style at all i had no idea of how i could remix it and blend with my sounds and styles...i had the idea to get inspiration from the big Swiss band Yello, as Cyrus vocals reminded me on Dieter Meier, but just like Andromeda, i got stuck and the track was waiting in my library for a long time...
During Summer Cyrus mentioned in a personal message that he had a hard time with chemotherapy as he had been diagnosed with cancer.... and in Autumn, i didn't hear something new on Youtube for a while from his channel, a friend of him on YT sent me a message and told me he had passed two weeks ago - what a shock!! It's very depressing - such a great musician and nice young person had to go so early. Far too early!
And i still had the material of our collab in my library. So i decided to go to work and make it a tribute to him. I didn't change much, did only some effects on the strings, reworked the drums and added some effects, then mixed it down together with Cat's vocals on the chorus. For the video i used shots from the pumpkin lights festival in Rudolfingen that i had visited together with Cat in November 2014.
We hope you like our musicvideo, Cyrus! Rest In Peace, good friend!