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Montag, 15. April 2019

2017 addendum: YT collab - Darkobert Dub

For years that i have been on YouTube, JP aka Darkobert Dub from Germany has always been one of my friends. Always checking out his new tracks he uploads. Often he does dark dub step or breaks, usually rather short pieces with cool effects and voice samples. But now and then he does a straight beat techno track. It was in June 2016 when he came up with a track called "Reload" that i liked a lot. I was wondering what a slick bassline added to this track could do, and he asked back if i would like to have a go on remixing it. At that time i was working on WTF track number 6 and had some other ideas in the pipeline... those projects got stuck and remained unfinished though. So i told him i will get back to him later. It was almost one year later, in may 2017, when i asked him to send me the files and got going. I decided to use the cool voice sample in his intro as the light house (If you have seen "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" you might recognize it). As usual i tried to keep a lot of the track and its sounds and arranged my stuff around it. I did a rebuild too in a more or less progressive way to get the elements have their place.
Finally, as allways there had to be a proper clip to it. I found cool old footage from movies about drug problems and some very old footage of stunts to edit a nice video that suits the remix.

Click to listen and download "Darkobert Dub - Reload (THE WEB Remix)" on SC

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