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Monday, September 9, 2013

YT collabs (2011-13) - Lilyshrimp and Cyrus Sink

The Trains series was not only the start of my collaboration with CXXXVI but also the start of a lot of collaborations with other friends on YouTube.

In November 2011 i remixed a track from Lilyshrimp, a guy who does tracks rather on the dark and mysterious side, with a unique sound and mood, mixing styles from goth/wave, alternative and electronic. The track i chose for a remix is called "Mind Cave". The video to this track is unique as well, made by Victoria Morricone, an Italian visual arts talent (unfortunately they closed down her main channel...copyright hell again...)

Click to listen/download "Lilyshrimp - Mind Cave (THE WEB Remix)" on SC


The same month i started a remix collaboration with Cyrus Sink, a Singer/Songwriter from Boston USA (R.I.P. 2014). Cat listens to his tracks regularly and from time to time i really love a song he wrote and performed. "Waiting For Sunrise" was love at first tone, and i really wanted to do a remix version of that marvellous track (guitar and vocals only), keeping its psychedelic sound and mood and try to take it to a next level. With "Time Machine" (January 2012) i chose a breakbeat-bigbeat basis cuz i thought that would give it the right twist, where as with "Bonnie" (March 2012) i went with a rather slow heavy marching 4/4 beat. "Bonnie" was a trio collab, as Victoria Morricone agreed to do the video clip for it - her choice and edit of footage was fantastic as always.

In November 2012 we did a trio collab - i remixed a track from Cyrus, sent it to Cat which did the lead vocals, with the lyrics from Cyrus, and i used this and Cyrus' background vocals to mix down the proper track. As Victoria did te videoclip to the track it was our first quattro collab :-) In February 2013 we repeated this with the track "Light Over Shadows", where Cat and i worked out the shadow part of the track, the cooled down mood is broken twice by Cyrus' whistling, giving it some more light in between.

Click titles below to listen tracks on Soundcloud:
Cyrus Sink - Waiting For Sunrise (THE WEB Remix)........5:23
Cyrus Sink - Time Machine (THE WEB Remix)...............3:44
Cyrus Sink - Bonnie (THE WEB Remix).....................3:48
Cyrus Sink feat. THE WEB & CXXXVI - Fading Out..........4:42
Cyrus Sink feat. THE WEB & CXXXVI - Light Over Shadow...5:21