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Donnerstag, 3. Februar 2011

THE WEB - Remixes of an old classic... and a newborn: Electric Sea

It was in summer 1993 when we went to a party everyone in Winterthur's cellars was talking about weeks before: Sven Väth would be there! Playing a 3-hours set  - at least! The only performance in Switzerland! etc. It was the second "VISION"-festival (http://www.vision-festival.com), and it was my first outdoor "Goa - party". It took place at a gravel pit somewhere between Zürich and Schaffhausen. After this, VISION grew into a legendary event in Switzerland.

It was that summer when Sven Väth rocked the juvenile techno scene with his new trancy tracks, "L'esperanza" was top - remember the dolphin pictures and whale sounds? And one of our "party hymns" was Energy52's "Café del Mar". Essentially, the DJs then always played the Kid Paul Mix. So to me, this was always the "original" version.

Since then, "Café del Mar" became so famous that you won't be able to create a complete list of its remix versions. www.discogs.com for example lists 102 versions of the record, there are even "best-of" remix-albums. Back in winter 2008 I came across the Kid Paul Mix again when I listened to one of my old tapes ("music cassette" - do you remember?...). I wondered what the tune would sound like if I tried to play it by myself, so I produced some cover versions with variations of the beat, additional synth tracks etc. trying not to loose these good vibes and feelings of nostalgia I get every time I listen to the original (i.e.Kid Paul Mix). And I wondered how far I could take it.

The final result of this process was my own interpretation of a "Café del Mar"-Track. The working Title was Café del Mar Electric Water Remix. I renamed it to Electric Sea and put it on my SC and Youtube. This is not a cover version anymore (nor is it really a remix...), but an attempt to create something like a counter piece to "Café del Mar" from the point of view of today - i.e. "you have to fight to stay optimistic".
Remember, after the storm and all that rain the sun will always shine again.

I share the "whole story" with you. But please - except for Electric Sea which is my own track - don't go public with these cover versions (copyright hell!...)

THE WEB - CdM remixed
1. CdM THE WEB Remix...................9:25
2. CdM THE WEB Storm Remix............10:23
3. CdM THE WEB Club Remix.............11:19
4. THE WEB - Electric Sea .............9:04
5. CdM THE WEB Chilled Remix..........10:28
BRICO - not available, 2009

click to download CdM remixed  (mediafire)