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Dienstag, 17. September 2013

THE WEB & CXXXVI - The Bunny Project (2013)

After the 10284 Miles project and a number of single tracks and remixes (DAST Net Recordings, Cyrus Sink, Magnetfisch...) Cat (aka CXXXVI) and i wanted to do start a new series of tracks. When we did remixes Cat always had to work on her vocals / do a song to a given track, and write the lyrics to a given track title. For a change, we decided that for this whole new series Cat will take the lead, write her lyrics and sing her song and then send it to me for the music that would fit it; that way it was me who had to react and adapt. And we already had a title for the series - it will be called "The Bunny Project", and we said it shall be a concept album or EP in that the tracks will center around the same set of issues. That was the framework in which Cat wrote the lyrics/songs. The main issue turned out to be genetic engineering - the opportunities but also dangers and fears linked to it... As concerns the music we wanted to explore the contrast between Cat's voice and hard heavy industrial like techno, and in this i also wanted to try unusual rhythms and go beyond 4/4 techno or breakbeat - if hat would fit Cat's song too.

The starter in October 2012, entitled "Giant Bunny", already was an example of this - i went with a 12/8 but built it on a 4/4 grid of 116 bpm (so the bpm you go with is actually less), for a very slow and heavy beat, like it is used in some alternative / industrial tracks too. I added a dirty bass synth and guitar based synth line and some synth/fx for a dark and heavy mood that gives solid ground to Cat's nightmarish song. For those who know it's obvious when they listen the song - Richard Kelly's independent cult movie "Donnie Darko" (2001) was the inspiration to it.

With "Created In The Laboratory", a song about creating a - said - better human race, i went one step further with my rhythm experiment, actually for me, this was at the extremes so far - i chose a 7/4 frame and tried to build a rather conventional techno track on it, but with one beat missing - without the listener missing something in the pattern. So i ended up in a 2x2+3 pattern and built all the sounds around it. Cat had sung her song on a conventional straight rhythm so it went to the 8, and this was the real challenge then - to shift and rearrange the rhythm of the lyrics / singing that it would fit in this 7/4 grid. At times the song was dense and no way to press the 8-line into a 7-grid so i stretched it in a way it met the 7/4 pattern at important points. The result is quite astonishing, the song has a unique flow although it is a clumsy 7/4, and, together with the really cool lyrics, it may be this that made the song highly recognized at IACmusic (now Indiemusicpeople) - in Sept 2013 it was in the top ten songs of the electronic genre on IAC, and number 1 in the new song charts (last 6 months) for the electronic genre :)

In the third track you wake up and realize you swapped bodies with your pet mouse. but hey that's great, being human is overrated anyway, and you know that mice rule the earth. What a crazy idea - Cat's song fits perfectly into this series. The song not only makes reference to a) Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy but also to b) Monty Pythons 'mouse organ', which made me laugh really hard when Cat sent me the vocals and lyrics. I tried to do a track to it that keeps the rather funny crazy mood of the song, and went with distorted breakbeat, a high bass guitar line that lags behind, and some beeps and scratches sound fx.

Finally "Have To Evolve" takes a look into the future of the human race - to catch up with all our technical means we gotta mutate to get stronger faster better... Of course this is meant ironically - Cat has really nailed this one :-) However, we think one thing is for sure: if we go on like this, being slaves to our technical means  - and to our economy that follows it - we'll deffo destroy this planet... For the music i combined 4/4 and 12/8 rhythm patterns in this one, this way i also could give it some 'fake tempo changes' which i like so much and which i thought fit the song perfectly - the rhythm you are sticked to during the intro and the break/restart around 4:00 kind of mutates when the main rhythm comes in.

As we'll probably destroy our planet someone's gotta save it - Cat did a short track with some electronic voices in it, just for fun, and sent it to me with a short video clip. "Supa Rotscha saves the earth"... but it's the wrong one, the bad one. I found this was so cool so i wanted to do a track with it. I asked Cat if that would be OK and if we could include it as a bonus track to our Bunny Project, at the end, because i thought this would fit in the series quite well. She really liked the idea so i used the short bit she sent me as a sample and built a proper track around it. I followed the high tempo of the original sounds and chose an oldschool hardtechno basis for the track.
I sent the sound samples to thadbb, a funny guy from Frankfurt i know from YouTube who does crazy hardtechno stuff, and unofficial hardtechno remixes of different techno tracks (some of them real classics like Universal Nation's "Push") and he did a remix, or rather a second version of the track with the material, as he hadn't heard my final track yet when he did his. You can listen the result here: "THADBB & THE WEB - Supa Rotsha reloaded"

The Bunny Project is conceived as a music videoclip series. You can watch all the clips below, or directly on YouTube or Vimeo.
The audio was released on DAST Net Recordings in February 2013 (DAST072). You can download it for free as mp3 but also in full glory (wav) or some other formats. Click links below.

The Bunny Project EP (DAST072)
1. Giant Bunny.................5:35
2. Created In The Laboratory...7:15
3. S.Q.U.E.A.K ................4:30
4. Have To Evolve..............8:07
5. Supa Rotsha saves the earth.6:03
DAST Net Recordings 2013

Click to download The Bunny Project EP (mp3 320kbps)
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