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Montag, 9. September 2013

YT collabs (2011-13) - Luka, Sharker, LUCID, Dr.Catzz

Luka is a guy from the Netherlands i got to know 2011 on YouTube. He also likes the early 90s oldschool techno and produces his own tracks too. On the Trains album he provided me with samples for our big collab techno track "Night Train", that we did together with Truthseeker UK. Early 2012 he suggested we did another collab track and sent me two samplepacks, of two till then unreleased tracks he was working on, "Geth Tech Part II" and "Insane Bouncer". I used them both, first i adjusted the samples to the tempo so i could bring them both together, and with this material i built the new track with "Insane Bouncer" as a principle basis, adding a thick bass beat to it.
...it became a long dark journey that i called "Darklands".

Click to listen/download "THE WEB vs Luka - Darklands" on Soundcloud


King Sharker is a nice guy from Rio de Janeiro who does cool rocking techno/electronic tracks with a special flavour that i always liked, so i was glad to do my best when he asked me if i would do a remix of one of his tracks. The track is called "Cray Life" and i did a real bouncy oldschool techno remix of it (March 2012). I think he got the track title from an internet platform... however, i wanted to do a video for it too and went with the Cray supercomputers.

Click to listen/download "Sharker - Cray Life (THE WEB Remix)" on Soundcloud

Lately he asked me if i could do a videoclip to one of his new tracks called "Kracken". I gave it a listen and really liked it, and i also had just the right idea for a video so i agreed. You can watch the result below too... Cool track isn't it :-)


One of my best friends on YouTube is Steve aka truthfilter from UK who produces cool tracks also under his artist name LUCID, he is a master of drum and bass drumwork, he prefers dark and glitchy sounds. I always wanted to try a remix for one of his tunes, and i picked "Loverman" also because it has a funny kinky sample in it that made me lol when i listened it for the first time. I tried to keep the Drum'n'Bass and add my flavour to it. Also i tried to find the right footage to it for a nice videoclip... well below is the result...

Click to listen/download LUCID - Loverman (THE WEB Remix) on Soundcloud


Also from the UK is a guy who does dark dubstep, usually deep and slow with spooky mood, quite creative in sound actually. He did his projects under the artist (and channelname) Dr. Catzz, but then 2013 he closed down his channel and came back as ZootCaptain - still doing awesone tracks. As i came about the track "sweetness" i asked him if i could do a remix (or rather rework) of it and he agreed. This was some playground to work with breakbeatz again. Plus it had a sweet vocal sample that i liked and wanted to play with too. As i expanded the track a little beyond a simple remix i thought it was proper to rename it, so it became "THE WEB & Dr. Catzz - sweet sickness"

Click to listen/download "THE WEB & Dr. Catzz - sweet sickness" on Soundcloud