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Dienstag, 10. September 2013

X-mas and New Year collabs - Yoshiyuki Ota and Leslie Von Dees

Yoshiyuki Ota is my Japanese brother, a very good friend i got to know on YouTube in 2011. He is a producer of electronic tracks too, deep house/techno, always with lovely arrangements and a nice unique atmosphere. I love his tracks and followed from the first one i heard on YT (and then on Soundcloud too). Together with Yoshi, Cat and I did "1216-10284", the big final track on our 10284 Miles album. Yoshi and i reworked his track "1216" and Cat added her tasty vocals to it.

Yoshi is also a good friend of Leslie Von Dees, and the three of us had plans for late 2012 to meet at Leslie's home in Budapest, Hungary, when he was back from West Hollywood where he lived the years before. Yoshi would come to Switzerland and then we both go to Budapest to meet Leslie and have a few great days together. It didn't work out for autumn but for the end of the year we fixed it. The meeting of the dinosaurs - Stas from DAST called us three 'dinosaurs' in a mail once, as we were not the youngest anymore, and were all doing 'massive tracks' :)

When Yoshi stayed with me in Winterthur for a few days around X-mas 2012, we also did a collab track - Yoshi had his laptop with him and worked on a track before that we could use as the basis. He finished what he had started for his part and i added some more beats and syntch/chord stuff to his track layers and mixed down the lot. We both think this track is complete, we are very happy with it. Yoshi hat set the working title Winterthur and we decided to add his hometown to the title of the final track, "Taketoyo-Winterthur". On 25th of December we went for a walk, it was an unusually warm day and i filmed some footage of the clip that i edited and uploaded on YT right after.

On Dec. 28th we took a plane to Budapest where Leslie waited for us at the airport. Yoshi and I could stay at his home, and we all had a great time with Leslie and his wife - and his doggie, who always growled at Yoshi. During our stay Yoshi and Leslie started our trio-collab track - of course we had to do one! - and i added my stuff when i was back at my desktop computer at home. We really put a lot of stuff into that track, it's a real journey to listen to - and so i thought "Around The World" would be an appropriate title. The working title was TWB, adding Budapest to Taketoyo and Winterthur. For the video i used footage of our three hometowns, Yoshi provided me with material and in Budapest and Winterthur i got it with my cam.

We also decided that these two tracks should go to DAST, and that we were asking people do to a remix and pick the best for the release. Phew it was hard to find anybody who dared to put his hands on our tracks - no one wanted to remix Taketoyo-Winterthur. It's too perfect lol
To my knowledge, they were never released...

Back to Winterthur i wanted to show Yoshi something in my music program, it was about arpeggios, and when i had done a few tracklayers i thought OK lets go on with this bit and do a proper track. For the memory of my stay in Budapest - i had samples of our voices, Yoshi speaking Japanese, Leslie Hungarian and me my Swiss dialect, that i wanted to use too. Guess what track title - yes: "Budapest"
Yoshi also did one, he called it "The Sky Of Budapest" (unfortunately, he removed it from his Soundcloud)

Click on titles to listen/download on Soundcloud:
Yoshiyuki Ota & THE WEB

Yoshiyuki Ota & THE WEB & Leslie Von Dees

Around The World......................11:49

THE WEB - Budapest.....................5:27