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Montag, 9. September 2013

THE WEB & Leslie Von Dees - The Cargo Series and Sequoia Reprise

Leslie Von Dees is something like my Hungarian brother, i got to know him on YouTube and that first encounter was a big laugh, because first i thought he might be a girl (maybe because of his username honetrix) - but well, he deffo isn't haha. When i first heard a track he had done i thought wow, what marvellous synthesizers work here - he really is a master of atmospheric synth pads and lines, everything is produced with perfection, the sound quality is at its best.


As Leslie likes my work too it was clear that we had to do a collab once, and this started right at the end of my Trains series 2011, where i worked with soundsamples he provided me with and created the "Cargo" track. When i had finished my work he added the lovely intro and outro synth that make such a great umbrella for the track as a whole.  Still think this is one of the very best tracks i have ever done. 

As we both loved the track we decided to go ahead with our collab and so he sent me another set of samples and an idea for a track, which i arranged and combined with my stuff, and he did the finish with some synths and effects. This way we did a series of tracks so far, which we call the Cargo Series.
When the second track was finished i gave it the title "Cracks & Crevices" as there are some scratching cracking sounds, and also because this gave me a good inspiration for the video clip.

When we started with track number three we just named the project C3 - as we had C first, then C&C, now it's going to be three C's. We thought we go ahead with the C's and so we just left the track title as it was - C3. With this track i tried something new; i chose a frame for the beats that goes to the 3 too and arranged all the samples Leslie had sent me to fit into this 3/4 thingy. At first it was a bit a mess as i tried to let the 4/4 shine through too in the beats, but it turned out to be better if i strictly sticked to the 3. With this the track evolved and at the end got a nice video that sticks to the title too, as "C3" becomes "see tree" - and not only one!

When C3 wasn't finished yet i decided that of course we would have to do the C4 too - and this must be massive, boombastic, something to do with explosives and explosions. It's rather my style of techno that comes through in this track, however it was Leslie who added the bomb sounds and alarming fx to it - the cherry on the pie for this one. The video then completes the whole picture...

It took a a while until C5 was finished and ready. Leslie had sent me the samples and a draft of the track, and he said he wanted me to stay close with the draft. So i rebuilt his draft with the samples and went from there, with slight modifications of the sounds and effects to them, and some works on the drums to give them a little more punch. I arranged along ride playing with the elements building up slowly then added some of my tasty chords on it after about 6 minutes. I sent the draft to Leslie and he said he really loved it when those chords came in, he txt me that "i almost grabbed Sophie's tail to swing her" (Sophie is his cute dog) lol He found that the six minutes before was a too long time to wait until the track unfolded its real power and asked me to cut it down. That's what i did, and then sent it back to him. He wanted to add some stuff but then said he got stuck at it seemed it was already good and complete so we left it at that. I gave it the title Chance and edited a nice video to it. I used colour treated footage i shot in my hometown, from when i was at reahb and some nice ones from Sydney, and overlayed some dice rolling around too.

Click on title to listen/download on Soundcloud (watch and listen below)
THE WEB vs Leslie Von Dees - Cargo................9:34
Leslie Von Dees & THE WEB - Cracks & Crevices....11:05
Leslie Von Dees & THE WEB - C3....................9:14
THE WEB & Leslie Von Dees - C4....................8:32
Leslie Von Dees & THE WEB - Chance................7:01



Leslie had done a beautiful series of tracks called Sequoia, one track for every season of a year. It was planned we did the Sequoia Winter track together but due to computer problems at that time it didn't work out so Leslie finished the S.Winter by himself, i provided him with two samples from what i had added. The whole sample pack was still in my library and i wanted to do another track for the Sequoia series, as a bonus, and with Cat's (CXXXVI) lyrics and vocals on board too. We called this special collab track "Sequoia Reprise" and for us it was a hallmark in sound and moood, as well as a musicclip. We finished it September 2012 ....phew that was a shitload of work... but it deffo payed :-)

The music videoclip (watch below) is included in the release
[DASTEXTRA03] V.A. - Videodub Experiments Collection (D)
you can download it for free (CC-License) here:
Leslie Von Dees & THE WEB & CXXXVI - Sequoia Reprise - cinepack 392.3 MB
Leslie Von Dees & THE WEB & CXXXVI - Sequoia Reprise - H.264 69.6 MB